Information we collect

First of all, we want you to be assured that we do not read or listen to the content of your messages and/or calls made privately via Viber and we do not store those messages once they have been delivered to their destination (which on average takes less than one second). If for some reason, the message, wasn’t delivered to its destination within up to 2 weeks, it will be deleted from our servers.

Note that chats with bots and Public Accounts, and communities are not end-to-end encrypted, but we do encrypt such messages when sent to the Viber servers and when sent from the Viber servers to the third party (the Public Account owner and/or additional third party tool (e.g. CRM solution) integrated by such owner).

We collect the minimum information required to achieve the purposes set out in this Policy (see below), and you have the ability to limit such collection, as specified below under “Your Choices”:

(a) Registration and Account Information: When you use our various Services you voluntarily give us personal information (e.g., name, email, birth date, age, phone number and, when necessary, billing information) and you are not anonymous to us. That means your name and photo (if you choose to provide them) will be visible to other Viber users. When you install the Viber App, you’ll also be asked to allow us access to your mobile device’s address book. A copy of the phone numbers and names of all your contacts (whether they’re Viber members or not – but only name and phone number) will be collected and stored on our servers in order for us to be able to enable you and your contacts to connect.