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Talk2all team
The core team consists of a technical research team and a business team. The technicians have rich experience in the field of international communication. With many doctors and masters as technical backbones, the company has been engaged in the technical research and development of Internet access services, value-added telecommunications services, cloud connection services and cloud SIM services. At present, the company has 8 invention patents and a number of software copyright certificates.
R&D team
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Talk2all core members
Zheng Zhigang

communication engineering

The founder of the enterprise, graduated from the College of engineering, majoring in electronic information engineering.

In service graduate student, Raffles University, Malaysia Engaged in the development of communication engineering software for more than 10 years, has been engaged in the technical research and development of communication engineering software, pays close attention to the policies and regulations of the network communication industry, and is familiar with the strongest complete R & D system and the most professional support, consultation, implementation, application integration and training service system in the network communication industry.

Zhao Zhenxing

Doctor, technical director

Graduated from Hunan University, majoring in circuit and information. During his doctoral study, he participated in the research and development of the scientific research project "key technology and industrialization of special power conversion equipment for Offshore Engineering (Project No.: 2017zt07g237)".

Xiangtan class B talents.

Xiang Daopu

Doctor (stellenbosh University, South Africa)

He went to Stellenbosch University and Altai development company to complete a joint doctoral project called "fast method of multi reflection physical optics method in the field of latest computational electromagnetic method (CEM)".

Chief engineer

Inventor of the company's core technology.

Liu Zeng

Master, core technical backbone

Graduated from the school of electrical engineering, Hunan University.

The 14th China graduate electronic design competition, the first prize of the national finals team.